Oli Ng – Musician Review

Oli Ng – Musician Review

There are many unsigned singer songwriters within the local music scene, but not ones who create songs with such depth within their simplicity. Oli Ng is essentially a voice and a guitar, but when you can hear the dedication and intensity in each chord and the maturity in the 17 year olds voice, it is clear that he is so much more than that.

With as broad musical capacity, his tastes range from mellow, ballad-like songs, to dynamic and soulful indie-inspired tracks. ‘Show Me What You’ve Got’ has a warm tone and the reprise of the guitar riff adds a familiarity to the song which is complimented perfectly by clean vocals; whilst ‘Debt to Pay’ hosts a minor theme which works equally as well with Ng’s versatility.


Listen to Oli’s tracks at: http://olingmusic.bandcamp.com/





Pickering White are back with a host of new material and fresh ideas on their new EP, Bullet to the Sun. The influences which the band draw on can be heard at various points throughout the tracks and they have a much fuller sound since transforming from a duo to a band earlier this year.

The title song has a real country vibe to it and Jennifer’s vocals slide from note to note effortlessly; yet ‘Keep on Blievein’ has a more edgy sound to it, with minor chords and melodies.

The EP as a whole pays homage to both their influences and roots, with a fresh new take on the band whilst keeping the same tones and qualities that earned them their large following back in 2012.


Pickering White are part of The Hype Media Academy.



Stoke Rocks Launch Night @ The Underground 28-09-13


A ground breaking night for the Stoke on Trent music scene, the launch of Stoke Rocks had finally arrived at the Underground, which was set to be night of raucous and ferocious rock, and they did not disappoint.   

The night was set into action by the five piece classic rock band that is Dawn. They incorporated many genres into their music despite describing themselves as Classic Rock and filled the venue with their versatile sound. The band used different tempos within each song, and held a connection both as a band and with the audience throughout their set. Dawn seemed to know exactly what sound they want to achieve and their polished set proved that they have come a long way since forming just over a year ago.

Taking to the stage in orange boiler suits, Fallen definitely made it clear to everyone in the Underground that they weren’t there to play around. Frontman, Nathan Edwards controlled the audience like a puppet master, as he commanded them to be a part of the ‘Fallen Horde’. A cross between Metallica and Slipknot, they put on a performance like a true metal band, with their catchy yet dark lyrics left imprinted in your brain.

The songs which they played consisted of complex guitar riffs and chromatic scales so native of the metal genre, but as well as this; they all had a real sense of purpose about their music and being on stage. I could feel the bass drum in my chest as they pounded out their original tracks without fault.

Their heavy guitar riffs and bass combined with Amy Colclough’s grungy yet seamless vocals saw In the Cards perform a set of original Alt-Rock music. Their fast paced and punchy tracks went down a storm, as did their more ballad-like songs. The keyboard added another sense of individuality to the band, and their use of crescendos ensured that the set was multi-dimensional. Each song had a powerful introduction and a definite end, with a catchy and memorable chorus sandwiched in between.

Not many bands in Stoke get chanted onto the stage by the audience, but From Within were coaxed onto the stage by their eagerly anticipating audience. Performing a mixture of original material and covers, the band showcased their abilities and came back onto the Stoke gigging scene with a bang. Anthony Holland’s vocals were really complimented by those of Bassist, Jordan Bates as the two worked together on a number of the songs. The bands cover of Aloe Blacc’s  ‘I Need a Dollar’ boasted a rocky, grungy vibe as it then morphed into The Fresh Prince of Bell Air theme tune, and eventually into Jay-Z’s ’99 Problems’. This remix of the three songs really drove the audience wild, as they moshed and sung back to the band throughout the whole mix. Every song they played could have been passed off as one of their own, as they provided each cover with an edge that was also seen in their own material.

Stoke Rocks, hosted by Neon Tiger Productions.

HYPE @ THE FULL MOON 20-09-2013


Holly Pender kicked the night off with her soulful voice and quirky, grungey songs, and as her set went o she seemed to grow in confidence and give more of a performance. She performed with both an electric and acoustic guitar for different songs, and the acoustic really complimented her voice and gave a rich and full tone to her music. Her vocals were smooth and natural and her set was very well put together.

Next up were Carpet Lions, and to say that their set was lively would be an understatement. The audience got to feast their eyes on the duo in women’s clothing and underwear, which was only the tip of the iceberg. With tongue in cheek songs, and hilarious lyrics, they had the audience roaring with laughter.

Dirty Vertebrae provided a powerhouse of energy and a musical display of raw talent. The dreadlock duo on vocals, Nicole and Ash worked together to create a mixture of both rap and clean vocals which was very impressive. The band had good chemistry and didn’t seem to pause for breath throughout the set. So many genres and influences run through their songs as they performed a variety of crazily upbeat and smoother, calmer songs.

The John Macleod Band took to the stage ‘sans keyboard’ as the front man himself so put it. But even without their keyboardist, the band filled the cosy venue with their melodic, distinctive sound. Their choice of songs really showcased all of the bands strong points, and emphasized just how tight they are as a unit. Every track was flawlessly performed and one of their more recent songs, ‘Don’t Tell the Folks Back Home’ received a very warm response with its funk infused core.

Hype presented the audience with a night of musical variety, with a bit of nudity thrown in, which made for a very interesting, of not unusual evening.


BAD EDIT 14-09-2013

In the cosy venue that is Bad Edit, the fairy lights that line the walls, and the rows of people crowding the room, set the scene for a night of music that promises to please.

First on the bill is Southwall Corner Club, who having only broken in to Stoke on Trent’s music scene a few months ago, have wasted no time in gathering a large following and crafting their sound. They started with a mellow and soft introduction that seamlessly transformed into a punchy powerhouse of sound. Nat Webb’s vocals are clean and polished, whilst her harmonies with Jack Wood have an edge to them that really sets their sound apart.

The catchy melodies and variation between the songs really showcases what Southwall Corner Club can do as a band, and every instrument clearly plays a vital role in the creation and production of each song.

The minor chords coming from keyboardist Dave Lymer, add another depth to the sound coming from the stage at Bad Edit, creating a dark melody that compliments the vocals perfectly.

Throughout the set, there is a good balance between upbeat and slower songs, as well as there being catchy choruses and a sharp, crisp sound to every song that they play. James Daley on guitar really shines through underneath the backing vocals, which seem to go hand in hand together.

Next up were Sons of Clogger and from the moment that they started playing, they took the whole room by storm. From start to finish they oozed energy and life as band, but what was in between was even more impressive.

The prominent drum beat persists throughout each song and their fusion between rock, folk and blues was so unique and unusual. The connection between the band members was electric, as they went headfirst into a set jam packed with tricks and twists.

The vocals were both fast paced and tuneful, which must have been difficult to achieve but the performance was something to be admired, as none of the band seemed to dip from the party that came to life on stage.

The thrashing of the drums only complimented the other sounds created by the band, as they worked as a solid unit in their set of crazy, chaotic mystery.

The band that had filled the whole venue from wall to wall now took to the stage; Pickering White began with a strong drum beat which kicked into Jen and Matt’s soulful harmonies, of which we would hear a whole lot more of throughout the set.

The crescendos throughout the songs seem to get bigger and bigger, as the bands influences flow through their music, the guitar has a heavy bluesy sound whilst the bass is gritty which underlay the soulful vocals. The band have a good connection with both each other and the audience on stage, which livens up the whole atmosphere of the venue.

The title track from the EP, ‘Bullet to the Sun’ is padded with catchy lyrics and intricate guitar riffs, a song which the band have clearly worked hard on, and it has most definitely paid off, as the whole venue sings the lyrics back and dances right along with them.

With each song, even the slower ones, comes a wave of emotion from all of the band members, which really shows their passion for the music. Each track offers something different and new to the crowd who have so eagerly anticipated their set, from their bluesy rock influences to the country ones too.

The use of the harmonica in some of the songs, in particular, ‘Bye bye baby’ really added a new level to the song, giving them an edge of which went down a storm with the audience. Even when they had finished for the night, Bad Edit was still packed as they begged the band for more.

Their encore was ‘Laying it on the line’ which proved to be just as impressive as their other songs, hosting a fast paced tune and frantic drumming.

Three very different bands, all very talented managed to capture the crowd at Bad Edit tonight, and judging by the reception that all three bands received, we will be seeing a lot more from each of them in the very near future.

Check out https://www.facebook.com/PickeringWhite  for details on how to get hold of the EP.




Since forming in 2011, Sound Casino have come a long way and from this EP it is clear that they have found their sound. The ambiguous introduction to the first track, ‘Keep on Losing’ gives nothing away to the bands new and punchy sound, but the crescendo into the song makes one thing clear, they are back with a vengeance.

Each song on the EP has a different vibe running through it, from frantic drum beats to harsh, grungey guitar riffs, each song has something new to offer. The last song, ‘Light’ has almost an exotic sound, due to the combination of an intricate guitar opener and the percussion throughout the song. Witch catchy lyrics and backing vocals in all four songs on the EP and a mix of fast paced urgency and calmer, softer sounds, it really showcases all of the bands abilities as both individuals and as a solid unit.

The whole feel of the music is polished and hard hitting; there is a real gap in the market for a band with such versatility and clear passion running through even their backing vocals. Sounds Casino are definitely a band to watch out for and who knows what the rest of the year will have in store for the talented, indie-garage foursome.


BAD EDIT 26-06-2013

A military like drum beat fills the cosy venue that is Bad Edit. It comes from Gravity Dave and their raucous, heavy sound really marks the start of the night. I was beginning to think that the band had only one genre to offer, but they soon proved me wrong as they eased into their set and their songs grew more varied and interesting. The depth of their songs was something to be admired and with constant crescendos, they are definitely a band to watch out for. 

A band that would be the love child of Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian; Borders took to the Bad Edit stage, with Greg’s waling vocals and a meaty bass line, it is a great combo for their punchy songs and repetitive melodies which soon got the audience going. In parts of the set, they did seem to lack lustre as a band, whether that was because of the small audience I do not know. Luke the drummer seemed to be really into the music, as he thrashed his stick against the cowbell repeatedly. Overall, it was a good set, and they made great support for the evening. 

The way that the sound check built up and into the actual performance was really intriguing and added a friendly touch to the band from the word go, from that moment on, their electric layered sound set the little venue alive, sending the whole audience into a turmoil of effortlessly cool music. 

All of that aside, Delamere are in the running for a spot at Green Man Festival 2013. The Leek based Alt Indie band are raking in the votes to play at this mighty little Welsh festival this August. 

The energy of the quad is something to be admired, as it does not even drop for a second that they are on stage. Lead singer, James Fitchford gets his drum out, no that’s not a strange euphemism; the unmistakable tribal sounding drumming starts that is so very clearly a Delamere trademark. The band all have the same attack and passion in their playing which is something that seems to be so hard to come by nowadays. 

An original sound, well structured songs, and a certain depth and balance between upbeat and soft pieces really made for an enjoyable performance. It is also a rarity when at a live performance, that the band sounds just as good live as they do on recordings, but for Delamere, they seem to pull the whole thing off with such ease and fluidity that they could easily be a signed, touring, fully fledged band, which poses the question why are they not already? 

To help Delamere on the way to Green man festival, vote for them athttp://www.greenman.net/rising/2013/delamere



The Quidity started the gig with an energetic twist on Mumford and Sons, ‘Little Lion Man’. Liv Sherratt’s vocals added a unique twist to the folk-y, almost angry song. The harmonies which the band added in were also really impressive.

Third eye gelled really well as a band, the connection between all of the musicians was clear and you could tell that they were really passionate about their music. ‘Stray Cat Strut’ had clean vocals from Jordan Pemberton and the whole band really kept in time with each other well throughout their set. 

Jordan Pemberton went onto do a solo set; his intricate guitar playing and smooth vocals really captured the whole room, which is extremely difficult to do with a gig designed for friends and family.

Rosie Radford performed with two different pianists, Rob and Jess. Her set consisted of covers from Adele, The Carpenters and Adam Lambert to name a few. Her vocals were complimented by the piano and the simplicity of it made it very easy on the ear. All of the musicians gave dynamic performances.

Citadel managed to keep a good pace throughout their heavy metal set. ‘Al bent on leather’ set the mood for their grungy and electric set. This combined with a Motorhead cover really showcased the bands’ talent both collectively and as individual musicians.

Jordan then made his third and final appearance for the night, accompanied by Isaac Pemberton who stunned the audience with an impressive combination of drumming and vocals – at the same time! ‘Crazy little thing called love’ by Queen really got the audience going. The foursome worked really well as a band with a polished and fun set.

All of the musicians that performed on the night really did well to showcase their abilities. Despite not having the best turn out, they all put on a really good show that was entertaining and very enjoyable to both watch, and listen to.



The Quidity kicked off the night will a tight and well-rehearsed set. They performed a selection of rock covers including songs from Bowling for Soup, Jet, Fountains of Wayne and The FooFighters. Their energy and connection as a band was really impressive and the female vocals really added their own twist on their chosen songs.

Cellar Door played another selection of covers. The acoustic three piece had a rounded sound and the vocals from Nadine Gidman, teamed with the backing vocals from Jack Wood worked well together creating intricate and interesting harmonies which really made the songs sound original. The band had quite a smooth tone to their performance and they really gelled as a band.

Third Eye were last but most definitely not least. With strong vocals from Becky Lesti and folk-y infusions running through the songs, the band really put their own spin on old classics. The instrumentals were tight and their musicianship was great. The band really looked at home on stage and their overall tone was good.



After a lengthy wait and with much anticipation, The Alcucinors Acoustic Duo take to the stage in Fatcats. Their soft and easy tone filled the room and they were very much a crowd pleaser with their mellow and breezy songs plus a cheeky Beatles cover. The shared vocals of the two boys, Dave Hannah and Jake Kimberley work well together to create their unique sound; which mixed with the two guitars creates harmonious and broad music.

Dirty Rotten Souls were up next and what can I say? Dirty by name and dirty by nature; their gritty sound and deep bass guitar riffs really scream out to the audience. The drums were slightly overpowering at times and the vocals got slightly lost along the way but it was a tight performance and I liked how their set was continuous and the songs were linked together through bass riffs; it really kept the audience listening.

The Ruby Dukes have a really good connection with each other, which is clear from their stage presence and musicianship. With a strong intro and intricate guitar riffs the set had a good pace and the layers of the music really shone through.

The Rivalry were the headline act of the night and they definitely gave the most lively performance of the evening. They all have a really good sense of musicianship and their catchy and repetitive choruses really got the audience going, it was obvious that both the band and the audience were there to have a great time. Strong and hard vocals came from Rob Hawthorne and the set was definitely well rehearsed as the band had a very much polished sound.