I have clearly been living in a bubble to have not properly listened to London grammar until now, I think part of me didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon, but I have now come to the conclusion that the bandwagon must be a pretty good place to be, with so many people being on it already…


Strong has a really soothing tone throughout the song with slight crescendos and a sense of desperation in the vocals. The music flows freely which in turn paints a tranquil picture and the repetition during the song allows us as an audience to familiarise ourselves with the music and also the style of the group.

The song itself is beautiful and really rather delicate which coupled with a powerful female voice, creates a sense of emancipation, adding dimensions to the song.


‘Shadows’ – By LOGICAL DRAMA

Shadows  is the new single from Logical Drama, boasting a full yet moody sound. Its minor tones and steady drum beat ensure that it makes an interesting and exciting listen.

Logical Drama seem to have moulded their sound in order to create a unique darkness that flows throughout the music and the orchestral layers fall and rise so no two sections of the song sound the same. With angry, aching vocals and a powerhouse of strings,  Shadows truly showcases the hard work and grafting of Logical Drama that has produced melodic and beautiful music tinged with despair.