Describing themselves as Post-Punk, DROWNERS took to the Sugarmill Stage with such energy and attack that captivated the audience from the first note that they played. Admittedly it was a younger crowd than anticipated, with an average age of around 16 you can imagine the hype and excitement that surged through the crowd. Their set was full of punch and catchy choruses and every member of the band oozed an infectious kind of passion that seemed to fill the entire venue.

PEACE were well worth the lengthy wait as they appeared with a slightly nonchalant attitude, picking up their guitars and smashing straight into ‘Follow Baby’ without further ado. As well as playing tracks from their debut album, they treated the crowd to new material along with their latest single, Money which was not only performed to perfection, but showcased the bands talent and also that fact that they seem to have settled into their own skin and sound.

It is very rare that you find a band or artist that can perform almost better live than they do on a recording but PEACE have such unique stage presence and authority that controls the entire room which makes it such an intimate and exhilarating performance. Their music is crafted in such a way that the dynamics fall and rise in all of the right places with the set list perfectly balanced between their upbeat, lively songs such as ‘Lovesick’ and their more mellow, reflective tracks, ‘Float Forever’ for example.

The atmosphere really was overwhelming as the band have such a majestic sound to every one of their songs that seems to capture their blasé attitude but their overbearing passion for the music in one foul yet engaging swoop. The musicality coupled with Harrison Koisser’s vocals resonating through the room really made for a special kind of night.