Kaizen – The Eyres (Mini Album)

Kaizen hosts a variety of songs in terms of both tempo and style, ranging from ballad-like, softer tracks to their heavier and punchier ones. The depth and heaviness of the music itself is complimented by the clean yet powerful vocals.

‘Bleed’ is energetic and fast paced, boasting intricate guitar riffs whereas ‘Beasts’ is much calmer with a military-like drum beat running methodically throughout the song, creating an eerie vibe that when added into the tranquillity of the song, sends a shiver down your back.

The Mini Album showcases the talents that The Eyres possess not only as a band but also as talented individuals who all seem to have discovered their sound and the direction in which they want to head. With the way in which these songs are beautifully crafted, a live performance would surely only enhance the sound and their musicianship further.

Kaizen is available for Download through the iTunes Store. 



Catfish and the Bottlemen – Fallout

Fallout – Single Review

The latest single from Catfish and the Bottlemen does not disappoint; it’s as catchy as ‘Kathleen’ but their clean and polished sound gets sharper as they continue to emerge into the UK music scene. The echoing vocals at the start add an eerie tone to the otherwise upbeat track and the crescendo of the drums elevates the music even further. Lead singer, Van McCann has perfected his style, varying from clean cut indie-pop to a whining, almost aching vocal that is both intriguing and original.


The song feels familiar from the first play and the melody flows freely throughout. As BBC Radio 1’s track of the Day, it is sure to be a hit for the Welsh Quartet.

catfish and the Bottlemen


Delca Kara


Formerly known as Candidate23, Delca Kara are back with not only a new name but also a refreshed and refined take on their music.

Cupid is their debut single that’s starts with a slightly ambiguous crescendo into their newly crafted almost pop-punk sound.  With catchy lyrics throughout the song teamed with distinctive guitar riffs the new sound from Delca Kara is definitely promising. The repetition throughout the track creates a familiar tone and you will only have to listen to it once to find yourself humming the melody.

The track will be available on iTunes from June 9th and you can watch the official video here…


Descent – Logical Drama

Logical Drama


The track dives straight in to a mysterious and powerful riff with almost a tribal-sounding drum beat that regulates the sinister sound running throughout the first minute of the song. Only mellowing slightly to reveal a more tender and raw tone that Logical Drama have crafted so well over the time that they have been together. Every layer offers something different to the song from the steady rhythm to the way it rises and falls to create the different dynamics and sections; the piece is almost orchestral in the way in which it is both performed and structured with the contrast of the delicate midsection sandwiched in between two powerhouses of dark yet exhilarating instrumentals. It really  showcases just how talented this band really is and it is just a taster of what they have to offer.