Parisian Youth Culture – Basement


Basement is the latest offering from Parisian Youth Culture and along with their heavy indie influences lacing every guitar riff, it boasts a fast-paced and exciting sound that creates a sense of elation throughout.

The repetition creates a sense of familiarity by the time you get to the second chorus as the sound builds and falls in a way in which creates points of interests that break up the track accordingly. A driven drumbeat combined with the other layers of instrumentation keeps the song moving along at a pace which highlights the energy and vibrancy within the piece, giving it a fresh yet intricate sound.


The Way You Breathe – Southern


10448829_701345526587165_8701162494094134251_nSouthern is a trio of creative minds that have created a sound so intimate and close that it invites you in from the very first chord.

The Way you Breathe has almost a yearning kind of sound throughout the whole song which begs for it to be listened to over and over again. The minimalistic and effortless sound runs throughout each line and chord; with gentle crescendos that lift the track and let is slowly drop back to its refined and comfortable state.

The gorgeous harmonies and delicate guitar riffs seem to encase the song entirely and take it from beginning to end seamlessly; Southern seem to have their sound defined and perfected already.

Paper Houses – Camp Stag


Paper Houses is yet another offering from Camp Stag which captures their sound which they have crafted so perfectly. The calming tone to the song inhibits everything that Camp Stag produce, giving them a theme throughout their music which defines them as artists.


The track is gentle yet somewhat fierce as softer vocals are teamed with harsher chords and slightly eerie instrumentation.


The sounds of the track builds and falls throughout as the vocals dip in and out; the steady drum and percussion add another depth to the song which gives it a much fuller and rounded sound.

Lost on Me – Peace


With catchy lyrics and intricate harmonies, Lost on Me is just another taste of what the bands’ second album has to offer.

With a Psychedelic kind of melody coupled with steady yet progressive drum beat, the track certainly does not disappoint.

By producing song after song that has its own twist and take, Peace know how to keep their fans happy and their music fresh and interesting.

Their unique sound and attitude disables them from being pinpointed to one genre alone, as they fill their music with various influences that flow freely throughout each piece they produce.

Lost on Me mixes whining vocals with those that are clean and melodic, along with a crescendo of instrumentation; the layers all pull together to create the sound that defines Peace, instilling the fact that there is no one else like them around.

Headstrong – Delamere


This time last year I asked the question why are these guys not signed already?! And here I am listening to their first single since signing with Scruff of the Neck Records…

 Headstrong is a balance between heavy instrumentals and melodic vocals which sit together perfectly and create a strong yet calming presence that Delamere have mastered within their music. The way in which the song is structured incorporates repetition which makes for a catchy and easy-listening track; the lyrics being but one of the components.

The contrast between the vocals and instrumentation creates an atmospheric and unique sound that Delamere continue to embed with each track they produce.

The single is available to pre-order here and you can watch the video below!