Delca Kara – Fast Asleep


The Melodic Vocals and intriguing instrumentals couple together to create an engaging sound that Delca Kara seem to produce so easily.  The  tracks pop-like, upbeat tone makes for a catchy and welcoming sound which invites you to listen again and again.

The backing vocals that dip in and out give the song even more points of interest that break up the repetition in a way that keeps you hooked in right until the very last beat. The intricate guitar riffs add a layer to the sound which keeps the song moving forward right through the song, creating a sense of slight urgency that pushes through along with the steady drum beat.

Delca Kara have moulded themselves and crafted their sound in such a way that their music is so clearly their own, they have a distinctive sound that runs through ‘Fast Asleep’ and also their last release, ‘Cupid’, which makes their music memorable yet intriguing at the same time.