‘Go Make Your Move’ has an easy-going tone throughout the track which allows it to be extremely catchy from the offset; the way in which the chorus is repeated creates a sense of familiarity soon on, with the song itself being very well-constructed.

The backing vocals are completely in sync with the lead vocals, with a good sense of balance between the two. This combined with the bluesy guitar riffs and slightly heavier drum beat  create a sound which is polished from start to finish.


Florence and the Machine – What Kind of Man – Single Review


The new single, ‘What Kind of Man’ from Florence and the Machine has been four years in the making, but it was definitely worth the wait.

The softly composed intro to the song enhances the tone of the vocals and sets the ground for what is a powerhouse of a song. As the definitive guitar riffs strike through, the drum beat sets it steady pace that echoes throughout the song, in an almost military style which adds to the songs almost aggressive styling.

‘What kind of man loves like this’ is a repetitive line throughout the track and the melody resonates strongly; the vocals as always, are unique and wailing yet strong and full of power. The instrumentation structure compliments the vocals perfectly and flows seamlessly from start to finish.