Hyde seems to bring something new from Psyence, not a new sound specifically, they still hold the psychedelic twist that they have crafted so well as artists, but they do seem to have a slightly different approach to their music with this track.

‘Hyde’ holds the same Psychedelic Twist that runs through every creation from Psyence, with that anarchic sound they have crafted so well together; the track bears the same credentials as their previous songs, but it is clear that this piece is a standalone track, a new offering, it feels distinctly different.

The constant changes of genre and tone throughout the song, ensure you’re kept firmly on your toes, but the steady pace allows you to drift through the song easily, creating the familiarity that lets the music wash over you.

The moody vocals combined with this make for a piece of music full of surprises, that takes you on its own journey from the first chord to the very last, with the sudden ending leaving you waiting and wanting for more…