Exowaves – Side Effects – Double A Side Review

Side Effects has a grungy, laid back vibe that lets the punchy vocals take control.
Whilst the lyrics play dominant in the song, the music is sharp and poised with an electric feel throughout…
A heavy beat and repetitive chords make for a catchy and rock-ish journey as the song progresses, with every rise and fall it possesses.
The layers of the song strengthen with this too, building up and being stripped right back again, right up until the last chord.
Closet Romantic has a soothing and calming greeting as the track starts, with a melancholy vocal and gentle guitar…
It couldn’t be more different from ‘Side Effects’ which shows Exowaves versatility and skill as a band.
The song continues along the same path, a soft rock kind of song that still manages to have a spine tingling sense of power.
As the track intensifies, the vocals follow suit as passion pours from both the vocals and instrumentation…


This track from Circus Junkie Rebels has a sense of nostalgia and hunger running throughout; with the instrumentation leading the song and the vocals flowing effortlessly on top.
The song is full of emotion and strength, which makes it so enjoyable from the first note to the last.
The track seems like a power ballad meets glam rock, creating a beautiful sound that is perfectly constructed and positioned.
The keyboard creates a steady base for the song to grow from, with the guitar flying in to add the drama that the track carries so well.