Rinse seem to have this ability to craft a track that, after hearing it, you end up humming it to yourself for days on end and ‘Not Too Late’ is no exception. 

The song starts with a punchy intro that grabs your attention immediately; The catchy riffs and steady drums team up to lay the foundation for what is a brilliant, well balanced track. 

The easy going vocals rise and fall with the dynamics of the track, with lyrics and a melody that captivate you for the entirety of the song. 

‘Not Too Late’ is yet another brilliant piece from Rinse, full of character yet so easily and flawlessly executed.

Listen to the track here: 


Exowaves – Side Effects – Double A Side Review

Side Effects has a grungy, laid back vibe that lets the punchy vocals take control.
Whilst the lyrics play dominant in the song, the music is sharp and poised with an electric feel throughout…
A heavy beat and repetitive chords make for a catchy and rock-ish journey as the song progresses, with every rise and fall it possesses.
The layers of the song strengthen with this too, building up and being stripped right back again, right up until the last chord.
Closet Romantic has a soothing and calming greeting as the track starts, with a melancholy vocal and gentle guitar…
It couldn’t be more different from ‘Side Effects’ which shows Exowaves versatility and skill as a band.
The song continues along the same path, a soft rock kind of song that still manages to have a spine tingling sense of power.
As the track intensifies, the vocals follow suit as passion pours from both the vocals and instrumentation…


This track from Circus Junkie Rebels has a sense of nostalgia and hunger running throughout; with the instrumentation leading the song and the vocals flowing effortlessly on top.
The song is full of emotion and strength, which makes it so enjoyable from the first note to the last.
The track seems like a power ballad meets glam rock, creating a beautiful sound that is perfectly constructed and positioned.
The keyboard creates a steady base for the song to grow from, with the guitar flying in to add the drama that the track carries so well.



Hyde seems to bring something new from Psyence, not a new sound specifically, they still hold the psychedelic twist that they have crafted so well as artists, but they do seem to have a slightly different approach to their music with this track.

‘Hyde’ holds the same Psychedelic Twist that runs through every creation from Psyence, with that anarchic sound they have crafted so well together; the track bears the same credentials as their previous songs, but it is clear that this piece is a standalone track, a new offering, it feels distinctly different.

The constant changes of genre and tone throughout the song, ensure you’re kept firmly on your toes, but the steady pace allows you to drift through the song easily, creating the familiarity that lets the music wash over you.

The moody vocals combined with this make for a piece of music full of surprises, that takes you on its own journey from the first chord to the very last, with the sudden ending leaving you waiting and wanting for more…



Siberia is the latest musical offering from Logical Drama and true to their style, the intriguing and dynamic sound doesn’t disappoint.

The vocal melody clashes perfectly with the instrumentation which builds the drama and catchiness of the song in an eerie yet compelling manner.
Throughout the track, a wholeness can be heard, a fully rounded tone that holds a sense of calmness within it, layering over the chaos of the minor chords and crescendos that keep you captivated right until the very end.



‘Go Make Your Move’ has an easy-going tone throughout the track which allows it to be extremely catchy from the offset; the way in which the chorus is repeated creates a sense of familiarity soon on, with the song itself being very well-constructed.

The backing vocals are completely in sync with the lead vocals, with a good sense of balance between the two. This combined with the bluesy guitar riffs and slightly heavier drum beat  create a sound which is polished from start to finish.

Florence and the Machine – What Kind of Man – Single Review


The new single, ‘What Kind of Man’ from Florence and the Machine has been four years in the making, but it was definitely worth the wait.

The softly composed intro to the song enhances the tone of the vocals and sets the ground for what is a powerhouse of a song. As the definitive guitar riffs strike through, the drum beat sets it steady pace that echoes throughout the song, in an almost military style which adds to the songs almost aggressive styling.

‘What kind of man loves like this’ is a repetitive line throughout the track and the melody resonates strongly; the vocals as always, are unique and wailing yet strong and full of power. The instrumentation structure compliments the vocals perfectly and flows seamlessly from start to finish.

Aztec Doll – Bowdlerize – Single Review


Bowdlerize is a creation of mesmerizing chaos as a moody, brooding sound meets a psychedelic twist.

The synth adds an eerie tone to the track which brings in a whole new depth of sound for Aztec Doll; as the music builds and falls, the layers of the music slowly unfold, revealing every intricate detail.

The somewhat dark instrumental is complimented by the serenity of the vocals and created the perfect match that flows throughout the entirety of the song. With the intriguing guitar riffs and the melodic structure of the track, Bowdlerize is a wonderfully crafted piece of music.

You can listen to their music here https://soundcloud.com/aztec-doll



The catchy drum beat captures you from the start and the music reveals an almost anarchic sound. The way in which the track is structured enthrals throughout with different sections and instruments cutting right through which works perfectly with the repetition of the lyrics; giving the song a vibrant yet familiar feel. All this combined with the melodic and crisp vocals creates a beautifully written song that flows so flawlessly.



I See the Devil is simple yet captivating. With such a unique and distinctive voice, the song has no cause for embellishments or layers of sound; the clean guitar provides the perfect contrast as the upbeat riff finds a sense of repetition within the song, as the vocals spiral up and down continuously and seamlessly. The track ebbs and flows with a touch of restfulness and a calming wave running through the song with the occasional twist of darkness.