Ocean – Two Skies – Single Review


At over seven minutes long, Ocean is definitely a song of epic proportion. The psychedelic chords and experimental sound runs deep through its entirety and as a three-piece they have crafted a track that is so intricate and absorbing. The instrumental section in the middle of the song breaks the piece in half and a tribal-sounding drum beat pulsates, letting the track build back to a level of high-powered yet relaxed musicality. The way in which the song swells ensures that it makes for an interesting listen, as the music builds and falls.


Who Says I? – Shakedown Stockholm – Single Review


Who Says I comes from seven piece, female fronted band Shakedown Stockholm. The two vocals entwine and weave to produce a sound which echoes in a melodic and peaceful way. The repetition builds throughout the song, as a crescendo is reached and the full band kicks in. Despite there being seven members, the sound is neither overpowering nor oppressive; instead it is dynamic and well-structured. The track is spirited and powerful with an energy that flows discretely throughout as the song moves forwards.

Fortune Teller – Menace Beach – Single Review


Fortune Teller has a calming and soothing tone that is both inviting and intriguing. The gentleness of Liza Violet’s vocals compliment the rawness of Ryan Needham’s as they develop that fuzzy and hazy tone that they execute so flawlessly. The repetition throughout the song enhances the structure and precision within the track that could otherwise be lost in the care-free, almost melancholy feel of the piece. The synth that dips in and out adds a psychedelic element as well as way in which the instrumental echoes the tone of the vocals, as it then rounds off the track perfectly and definitively.

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Off The Hook – Weirds – Single Review


Off the Hook is the creation of four piece “Weirds”; weird by name and definitely unusual by nature. Their distinctive sound flows throughout the track, with the melodic guitar riffs and the relentless drum beat. The vocals have a casual tone to them, nonchalant and relaxed until the chorus kicks in, when they shift to somewhat punchy and dynamic, coupled with commanding instrumentation. The contrast between the sections within the song keep it fresh and interesting as the track ripples up and down, ensuring a captivating listen.

GOING UNDER – RINSE – (Demo Review)


Going Under has a Bluesy Tone which carries throughout the song, along with a sense of classic grunge; despite having only recently formed, Rinse have developed their sound in a way that gives them a unique edge.

The aching, gritty vocals work well with the well-constructed instrumentation that gives the track a sense of direction and structure. Boasting a dark and clashing tone, the song builds and falls accordingly to separate the sounds of harmony from those of disarray.

The drum remains steady throughout which moves the song along gradually, which works well in contrast to the heaviness of both the guitar and bass which amplifies that dirty sound which they already obtain.

Adam French – Ivory – Single Review


Ivory is yet another perfect piece of music, crafted by Adam French; it boasts a delicate yet powerful sound which runs from the beginning right up until the end. Although the vocals are clean and polished, they have a slight gravelly tone which makes the song all the more inviting as the layers of the song come together to create a sound that is both intricate and enticing. As the song builds and falls, it highlights just how refined the track is, along with the way in which the instrumentation falls perfectly in line with the vocals.

Download the EP here

Psyence – Phoenix – Single Review


The intro to the song creates a slight sense of disorientation as it spirals its way into the track. A combination of catchy riffs and clashing drum beats create the basis for what builds into a memorable, rock and roll piece of music. The echo and distortion that flows throughout the vocals add to the delusional feel that the track inhabits so well. Throughout the song, there is a sense of chaos that makes it both unique and catchy but this coupled with how fast-paced the song is, makes for yet another musical success for Psyence, as they deliver a song that once again fits their diverse and versatile reputation.

Delca Kara – Fast Asleep


The Melodic Vocals and intriguing instrumentals couple together to create an engaging sound that Delca Kara seem to produce so easily.  The  tracks pop-like, upbeat tone makes for a catchy and welcoming sound which invites you to listen again and again.

The backing vocals that dip in and out give the song even more points of interest that break up the repetition in a way that keeps you hooked in right until the very last beat. The intricate guitar riffs add a layer to the sound which keeps the song moving forward right through the song, creating a sense of slight urgency that pushes through along with the steady drum beat.

Delca Kara have moulded themselves and crafted their sound in such a way that their music is so clearly their own, they have a distinctive sound that runs through ‘Fast Asleep’ and also their last release, ‘Cupid’, which makes their music memorable yet intriguing at the same time.

Lazy Eye – Killer Ooh


Killer Ooh starts out as a minimalistic sounding track with the raw vocal and clean guitar creating a perfect unison until the instrumentation kicks in and changes the dynamic of the song completely. The sound grows along with the catchy ‘Sha La La’s’ that creep through in the background; as the dynamic builds to the chorus there is a certain kick to the track that gives it a twist that makes it so easy to listen to.

The song is stripped back again just in time for the verse and the repetition within the song works so hard to ensure that the way in which it is structured leaves the listener wanting more.

Parisian Youth Culture – Basement


Basement is the latest offering from Parisian Youth Culture and along with their heavy indie influences lacing every guitar riff, it boasts a fast-paced and exciting sound that creates a sense of elation throughout.

The repetition creates a sense of familiarity by the time you get to the second chorus as the sound builds and falls in a way in which creates points of interests that break up the track accordingly. A driven drumbeat combined with the other layers of instrumentation keeps the song moving along at a pace which highlights the energy and vibrancy within the piece, giving it a fresh yet intricate sound.